John S.

“I was wary of this company, being one of many that are offered online.

However, Daniel Shamebo Sabore was very quick and responsive from the outset, and produced the translation I needed, I the format I needed, very quickly and professionally.

I definitely recommend this company in general, and Daniel in particular.”

Jay I.

“Inclusivity and accessibility matter. Proud of my campaign team for building a complete version of our website in English and Spanish — and getting the top grade from POLITICO’s roundup:


“The translation of U.S. 2020 Presidential campaign ad for Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee that was translated from English into Spanish by Languages Translation Services (  ) was rated to be the best translation without trial and error among all the other translations that were performed by other translators for the listed democratic presidential candidates throughout the nation.”

Travis M.

“THANK YOU!!!! You guys have been so helpful with the quick turnarounds this week, we appreciate it tremendously.”

Keila P.

“Thank you very much! I will be sending you more in the near future. “ 

Marissa E.

“Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.”  

Loretta G.

“This is marvelous. Thank you so much for your continued support.” 

Lisa W.

“Thank you so much for taking on this translation emergency, for our caseworker… We are very grateful for your immediate response…”

Jackie P.

“Hi Daniel, I very much appreciate your translator’s attention to the details.  Gives me great confidence in your services.”