Languages Translation Services (LTS)

Languages Translation Services (LTS), also knows as Advanced Language Services specializes in providing language and other services listed below in more than 300 languages for a public and private organization and individuals


ON-SITE, TELEPHONE AND TRAVEL INTERPRETATION: Our interpretation service operates a 24 Hours a day, 6-days a week, service of telephone and on-site interpretation by fluent and qualified interpreters in many languages. For your convenience, we have interpreters in almost every country in the world. For example, if you want to travel to attend a symposium from one country to another we can provide you with a local professional interpreter to guide you and facilitate your communication.

Business Support Services

Production of:

Business Cards



Post Cards




Event Tickets



Promo or Catalog Sheets

Table Tents

Hang Tags

Event Tickets

Door Hangers

Rack Cards




Mailers, and Folders

Worldwide Satisfaction

We have highly satisfied national and international clients throughout North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We are growing and proud to say that if you or your company requires top quality language services at the right price, then LTS is the service provider you are looking for.


We offer translation in over 300 different world languages. Our translators have many years of professional experience and translate only into their own mother tongues. Most of them have degrees in a specialized field of knowledge and in the translation profession.......


Our translators do not only translate from one language to another, but also localize the information from a source language to its exact equivalent in another one at the same time adapting it to take into account local cultural sensitivities........


As a research scientist, author and editor of many scientific articles in the field of natural science and other specialties, the manager of our company realizes how time consuming it is for a researcher to edit his/her research articles and reports for conferences.........

Business Support Services

Coming Soon...

Narration, Voice-over, Audio and Video Recording Services

We provide professional narration, voice-over, audio and video Recording Services in multiple languages for public and private organizations, and individuals worldwide.

Closed Captioning, CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation), and Subtitling

We offer transcription services for almost any audio format, from standard and micro-cassettes to most types of digital recordings. We can also provide a toll-free telephone number that allows you to dictate to us from any telephone, 24-hours a day. Closed captioning and Subtitling We provide Closed Captioning of the audio recordings of a Television, YouTube™, or other programs as a transcribed text on the Television Screen or computer screen for an online video and audio to ensure a full and equal access to deaf or hard of hearing audiences. Some of the services we provide include:


operates a 24 Hours a day, 6-days a week, service of telephone and on-site interpretation by fluent and qualified interpreters in many languages.

Desktop publishing

Multilingual desktop publishing, and layout/ typesetting for various business, engineering, technical, or any kind of publications that require layout and graphic design in any language of the world.

What our clients say

“I was wary of this company, being one of many that are offered online.

However, Daniel Shamebo Sabore was very quick and responsive from the outset, and produced the translation I needed, I the format I needed, very quickly and professionally.

I definitely recommend this company in general, and Daniel in particular.”

John S.

“Inclusivity and accessibility matter. Proud of my campaign team for building a complete version of our website in English and Spanish — and getting the top grade from POLITICO’s roundup:

Jay I.

“The translation of U.S. 2020 Presidential campaign ad for Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee that was translated from English into Spanish by Languages Translation Services (  ) was rated to be the best translation without trial and error among all the other translations that were performed by other translators for the listed democratic presidential candidates throughout the nation.”


“THANK YOU!!!! You guys have been so helpful with the quick turnarounds this week, we appreciate it tremendously.”

Travis M.

“Thank you very much! I will be sending you more in the near future. “ 

Keila P.

“Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.”  

Marissa E.

“This is marvelous. Thank you so much for your continued support.” 

Loretta G.

“Thank you so much for taking on this translation emergency, for our caseworker… We are very grateful for your immediate response…”

Lisa W.

“Thank you, thank you!” 

Maribel V.

“Hi Daniel, I very much appreciate your translator’s attention to the details.  Gives me great confidence in your services.” 

Jackie P.

“Thank you so much for your great work.” 

Betty M.

“Daniel, Thank you! I appreciate your attention to detail and getting everything right.”  

Sarah D.

“Thank you for all your help.  I know I can count on you when it comes to languages, I cannot find anywhere else.” 

Ann R.

“I wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to you and your team for returning great translated documents. We really appreciate the time and effort that you all put in, especially around the holiday season. It was such a relief to receive the translated documents on time and without any hiccups.” 

Lindsay H.

My team and I are pleased with the work you have done with such professionalism and diligence, thank you! We look forward to utilizing your services in the future”

Durieka C.

“Wow! Thanks so much for getting us these translations so quickly Daniel! It is very much appreciated!!” 

Polly Y.

“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!”

Tara L.

“Thank you so much and I appreciate your quick turnaround…. “. 

Yvette L.

“Thank you very much for the quick turnaround”

Jennifer F.

“You guys are amazing, thank you so much”.

Claudia N.

“Thank you for the quick turnaround”.

Alisa P.

“This is great. Thank you very much.”

Matt M.

“Daniel, Thank you so much for your great reliability.” 

Anna G. S.

“Dear Daniel, Thank you!  Great! You are the far best business relation I have dealt with in translations. Prompt and very easy to work with! Thank you again!”

Barbro A.

“Dear Daniel, Thanks for your prompt help and attention to detail.” 

Charles L.

“Daniel, Thank you so much for the translated project. It looks great! If I may say so, your team followed instructions even better than my teams. You have impressed me once again. Thanks a bunch!” 

Maria L.

“They were professional, fast and even got my documents to me on a weekend. I would definitely use them again. As well as recommend them to anyone needing translation services.”

Marisa H.

“I would do business with them again in a heart beat, fast , professionals and great customer service.”

Diana T.

“I had a great experience using the service. I got my document translated immediately. Mr. Daniel is a great man, good to talk to, very helpful. All the emails are promptly answered.
Definitely recommended!!!!”

Priyanka W.

“I’m so glad they have translated my documents in few hours with cheap price 🙂 They are responsible and professional to help you out. Keep contact with you until the work done and ask your oppininent about the translation.”

Good job and a Good team.

56 X.

“This is a great service, they really helped me out in a pinch. Daniel was very helpful and replied promptly to my emails. I will certainly use this service again.”

Aaron B.

“I had such a great experience working with this company. I needed a document translated urgently. I sent it to them in the evening, and they had it ready for me the next morning. I was so fortunate that they were able to complete this for me with such efficiency and accuracy.”

Krist T.

“I am very happy with their service. I had only one week to translate and have everything be delivered and they did it very quickly (3 days) and gave me updates throughout the process. Their translation is accurate and they are willing to go an extra step to do what you are asking them to do. They also give a lot of options for how to pay for the service.”

Shahad A.

“This was my first time using a service like this, and I was pleasantly surprised. Daniel was so helpful and he processed my work quickly! I would recommend this company to everyone!”

Traci P.

“Great and fast service! Very Friendly!
I was in need of my H.S Diploma to be translated, I found this website and
I called Daniel he responded very quickly and gave me a reasonable price and my Diploma was ready in less than 24 hours.
I highly recommend this Language Translation Service to everyone!
Daniel was amazing to work with! I will use this service again as needed.”

Tamar A.

“RELIABLE! SPEEDY! PROFESSIONAL!…those are the words that best describle the team. I was in need of important documents and at first I was reluctant to trust an online site, but as soon as I received a phone call back from Daniel- his professionalism and friendliness convinced me to give them a try. I am so glad I did and will continue to use them and them ONLY! for all my future needs.”

R M.

“Great service with great translators.
I needed a translation over the weekend and it was done very rapidly.
I recommend Languages Translation Services.”

Rebecca G.

“They are so nice!!

I requested my document and they finished it on weekend!!!

Kind, good service, professional.
That’s it!!!”

Taeho K.

“I had a great experience using Language Translation Services. They were very professional and delivered the translations ahead of time. I highly recommend their services.”

Jane S.

“Daniel is very fast and efficient. You will get the quick response either through phone call or email. I am very pleased with the service!”

Vi T.

“Daniel translated some complex documents involving the US Immigration process. The Portuguese needing translation was difficult and my request included a tight deadline. Daniel and his team came through with flying colors! He kept me in the loop throughout the process, both via phone and e-mail, subsiding any concerns. His company truly is a professional operation.”

Michael B.

“Daniel was helpful from day day one. The service was really fast. My doc was ready in less than 24hours and I got it on the mail in 3 days. Very sitisfied!”

Maria G.

“Overall Language Translation Services is a great service. They are fast and courteous. If there is an issue, they will let you know.”

E V.

“I contacted Daniel for an urgent translation and he made the translation and sent me back before the agreed.
I strongly recomend his services!”

Rodrigo R.

“I contacted Daniel on friday,needed my translation asap…on easter sunday i received my certified translation why for many thanks Daniel!!”

Johan H.

“Outstanding service
Got all my documents translated in 24 hours.

I strongly recommend them to anyone seeking fast and profissional services.”

Abdulla f A.

“Daniel was amazing to work with. I had a very short turn around need for a paper that I was writing. I called and he was very proactive to get my needs met. The price was appropriate and the service excellent. The project was turned around before the promised day and was completed to meet my expectations. I can’t say enough good things about LTS. I will keep there info close to use them again. I am very picky and don’t give 5 stars often unless deserving. 5 stars all the way. Thanks Daniel!”

J J.

“Fast, friendly and professional. They’ll get the job done and it will be done right, on time the first time.”

I’m glad I made the choice to utilize their services… you will be too!

Kurt B.

“I had them translated my birth certificate. Daniel was professional and they emailed me the translated version with one day which is what I was looking for. I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for their services”

Tareq A.

“Job very well done! The translation of my documents was accurately and professionally done in record time. From the time I initiated contact with LTS until the completion of the services, they were cordial, clear and straight forward in quoting the costs associated with the job.”

Luis A.

“I had an Italian document and needed it translated to English in a short time. The whole process was easy and the translator got back to me immediately and finished the translation on time.”

Connie P.

“I needed paperwork translated into German, like yesterday! Mr. Daniel Shamebo did an outstanding job. Very professional. Received my translation in a timely manner. I had problems with my computer but Mr. Daniel walked me through everything that I had to do. Again, thank you Mr. Daniel. I am sure that I will be using your services again.” C.

“Absolutely great service. Used language translation services multiple times and each time got great results.”

Anastasia R.

“This is reliable service. In my case translation of documents for DMW. It was quickly and accurately. Staff is very professional and polite. Pay attention to all nuances. Choose LTS!”

Helena T.

“Fast and reliable service. Need my high school diploma translated Daniel sent it to me way sooner then they said. She is awsome i would definitely recommend them. Great Job!!!!! Great Service!!!!!! 5 star over all “

Wizma A.

“Wonderful service. Very fast, professional and courteous. Daniel took time to text me and email me for any question I had. I highly recommend using this service.”

Mary P.

“This is really one of the best , quick and responsible company, I’ve got my documents in 30 minutes!!!”

Great job, thank you!!!

Lidiia S.

“Fabulous fast response and service. The communication was easy and useful. I got what I need within a day. Highly recommend those guys. You will be absolutely satisfied. Thank you and will be using your service in the future.”


Micha S.

“LTS did a great job on the translation staying focused on what the thought process was. Would recommend them to anyone needing translation services. Also they beat their estimated delivery time by 3 days.”

Chuck K.

“Lts is awesome! I have a great experience working with them. They were fast, professional and very friendly. Highly recommended!!!”

Mohammad M.

“LTS was fast, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I reached out to several translation companies, and LTS was the first to respond (almost immediately). Daniel answered all of my questions right away, and I felt confident moving forward with the service based on his professionalism and the great reviews I’d read from satisfied clients. I received the translation back in just a few days. I’m very satisfied with the service and would happily recommend the company.”

Priscila E.

“Great experience! Responsive service, quick turnaround and friendly exchange. Highly recommend this service and I will use it again for any future translation needs.”

Melanie N.

“The service is excellent, Friendly people welcomed me with smiley faces and traditional way. I did not get any delays which saved me so much time, I liked the way they treated me.”

Thank you so much for being so helpful.

I will recommend their services to my friends if they need help with Translation.

Ab W.

“Very friendly ,super fast response! I totaly recommend they can help you !!”

I’m very happy with this people

Silvia T.

“Very quick in responding to my requests and completing the job. I highly recommend them and look forward to using them again.”

Abiramy W.

“I was pleased with such prompt and professional service and I think that I can recommend it to others.”

Jerzy M.

“Very prompt in both answering my request for a quote and the actual translation of my documents. I needed them fast for a visa application and I was greatly impressed!”

Amelia D.

“Recently I was dealing with WA state Dept of Licensing and the translations I had were not approved by the DOL so I found this company by calling all the companies listed by the DOL as state approved translators. This was the only company from the list to offer me a translation service of my birth certificate and marriage license OVERNIGHT. I send the scans really late that day and the translations were ready the following day in the morning. You saved me so much hassle of waiting 2-3 days for the other companies to do the same job. You guys even faxed the translation directly to the Dept of Licensing I was dealing with. I highly recommend your service to anyone who expects a prompt translation and a friendly and understanding service with a personal humane approach! Other companies I called were just way too corporate in their approach”

Jolanta C.

“I was very pleased with such prompt and professional service! I highly recommend them and look forward to using them again!!”

Mary M.

“Daniel did a wonderful job translating my documents quickly. I would recommend his company to anyone needing translation services.”

Dawn B.

“Always a pleasure to work with Daniel on our occasional Amharic translation projects, primarily in the health industry! Recommended!”

Bjorn K.

“Very good job and very quick I definitely recommend this translator he did a great job for me ! Thank u so much”

Samia S.

“Very very good customer services guickly and very fast recentnable price thank you daneil he awesome I will recommend to all my friend to every one I know like it”

Pithak S.

“Super quick and very reasonably priced! Thank you for translating my degree Daniel. Will continue to get my documents translated with you.”

Daniel B.

“You guys are awesome…. I really appreciate the way you do your work. So fast and accurate. Awesome keep it up.”

Rizwan U.

“I was really satisfied with their service. The person that I talked to was daniel, he is really helpful and cooperative.”

Made S.

“LTS is the place to go when you need translation! Daniel was incredibly helpful and delivered impeccable service same day, hours before agreed deadline!!”

Milan M.

“Unbelievable impeccable service!!! Was down to the wire before traveling and needed a document for my daughter translated in order to get her passport. Contacted other companies and was told it was impossible to get it done in time. Daniel went above and beyond to make it happen quickly. He is a superhero at our house!!!”

Sandy S.

“I highly recommend LTS they are fast, accurate and very professional! They went beyond to meet my deadline. Thank you!”

Elizabeth V.

“Fast, great service!”

Highly recommend

Azad T.

“Very accurate and professional service. Lightning quick results! Daniel Is my number 1 go-to man for translation.”

Wayne B.

“Very fast and useful service”

Yuriy A.

“Very fast response to my quote request. Then got my document translated and back to me the next day!”

Stacy F.

“We were in a bind and needed an Arabic interpreter for a deposition with less than 24 hours’ notice. Daniel was very professional and went above and beyond to meet our special needs. I highly recommend this company if you need telephonic translation services.”

Ragen A.

“Faster than expected! Very professional and attentive service! Highly recommend!”

Eden X.

“Our language services company uses Language Translation Services regularly, and for good reason! We receive stellar customer service and very high quality translation work. I have been thoroughly impressed by their speedy service (even for rare languages) and their professionalism! I would recommend them to anyone!”

Languagestat L.

“Languages translation Services provided me excellent translation and customer services many times since last year. Even if they are far away from where I live their services are like from what I would get them from a next door neighbor. Distance does not matter when it comes to their service. Their speed and accuracy is impeccable.They went beyond their scope to help me in issues which I needed a help. Daniel and his staff are very friendly and helpful people.”
It is a great pleasure to work with them.
I highly recommend their services for any one who needs their services from any where.

Ahmed K.

“Excellent and Faster than expected service! Seriously, thumbs up! Thank you Daniel.”

Tarek U.

“Daniel is an effective communicator and prompt in his response. He is also very helpful. As a student, I sought guidance in the field of translator/interpreter. Daniel took time out to help me. He answered many of my questions before I even asked them! I highly recommend.”

Sedona R.

“I was very happy with the service the LTS gave me. My call was answered after hours and I was helped with utmost willingness.”

My papers were translated from Czech to EN within less than 24hrs.

Denis U.

“My wife and I used Language Translation Services for personal and legal matters and found Daniel to be attentive, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Extremely professional with the perfect personal touch. I value their services and give them my highest recommendation.”

Ray D.

“I highly recommend using this translating service. It was fast and officiant and the person (Daniel) helping me out was very polite and a pleasure to work with. Definitely will be using them again :)”

Olesya S.

“Daniel is very friendly and delivers accurate + fast services! I really enjoyed working with him.”

Craig W.

“Daniel is amazing! Very helpful and professional in his practice. Anytime I was in a rut with a language-I sent it over and he had a response within minutes. Very reliable with great prices. I will refer him any day. Thank you!”

Joyce F.

“Dear Daniel, Thanks for your prompt help and attention to detail.”  

Charles L.

“Dear Daniel, thank you for the wonderful work you did this month. We get many expressions of gratitude and satisfaction from our clients and the congratulations belong to you.” 


“Daniel, Thank you so much for your great reliability.” 

Anna S.

“Wow, thank you so much for such a quick turn around and excellent customer service. I had called several other translation services on our contract list yesterday, most didn’t answer their phones and those that did answer told me that they wouldn’t be able to do the project with the turnaround time we requested. I am so glad that I found your company’s contact info, you really helped us out when no one else was able to. We will definitely reach out to you with future translation projects.” 

Vanessa S.

“You should be proud and our team is very thankful for all you did. The Governor is definitely aware of the good work you did for him. We will stay in touch because we’ll continue to need your great service in the future as we create more product. Until then… best to you and your entire staff.”

Ben U.

“This is the best company in the business! The best professionals, the best organization, fast response, reasonable price and one great person, Daniel Shamebo Sabore, always answer on the phone and always make the best to help you – I have emergency situation and Daniel resolved it for less than half hour! So good services I never get anywhere else! I am writing this with big pleasure and big respect to all people working in this company and especial to Daniel! Thank you very mush, Dear Friends!”

Peter P.